Brake Oil Dot 3 (400ml)

KLP Brake Fluid Dot 3 is a blend of premium grade glycols and glycols ethers with inhibitors for corrosion protection .It is designed for use in braking systems fitted with rubber cups and seals made from natural rubber (NR) ,styrenebutadiene rubber (SBR) ,or a tarpolymer of ethylene,propylene and a diene (EPDM) .Contaminants such as water,dirt,and petroleum products can serverly damage the brake system .It is used to transmit pressure from the driver’s foot to the wheel cylinders ,where that pressure is then converted into a frictional braking force on the wheels.Frictional braking force creates heat,which can get transferred to the brake fluid itself.



  • Use only in its concentrated form out of a previously unopened or well sealed container .
  • Consistant and safe brake performance under high braking pressure.
  • Reduces leakage and loss of fluid to a minimum.
  • Improved life and reliability of brake system components.